Founded in 1940 as part of the provisional capital of China, CQUT has over seven decades of experience in higher education. During this time, CQUT has emerged as a regional leader in scientific research, training facilities, academic rigor, and attracting high-quality faculty and students.CQUT is situated in Ba’nan--just a quick bus ride from the heart of the city--on a beautiful 150-hectare campus.CQUT also contains many well-equipped workshops, laboratories, factories and training centers, and works with a total of 170 facilities both on-site and off-site.
Student life is diverse, as CQUT is home to students from every region, province and municipality in China, from Beijing to Tibet. Today, there are 24,000 full-time students (including 1,008 graduate students) studying across 55 undergraduate programs and 39 graduate programs in 17 schools and 56 research institutions. 



(一):Qualifications for Admission

1. Postgraduate

Under the age of 30

Bachelor’s degree

HSK 6 or New HSK 5


Under the age of 30

Graduation certificate of high school

HSK band 4 certificate or New HSK 4

3.Language LearnerAbove the age of 16

4.Remedial Chinese classes are required when corresponding requirements for Chinese proficiency are not met.

(二)Time of School

Postgraduate and UndergraduatesSeptember

Language LearnersLong term September February

(三)Length for Study

Postgraduate3 years

Undergraduate4 years

Language Learners Above 1 month


(四)Application Procedure

Fill out Application Form for Foreigners to Study Chinese Language in Chongqing University of Technology

Finish Physical Examination with Foreigner Physical Examination Form filled out by Doctors

Send the two forms above to International Office, Chongqing University of Technology.

After the materials are reviewed, decisions will be made upon whether he or she is admitted. CQUT will send the Notification of Admission to those who are admitted along with the Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202).

International students are supposed to apply for X Visa in local China Embassies with Admission Letter of Chongqing University of Technology, Application Form of Foreign Students in China, Medical Examination of Foreign Students and the original copy of serum test.

After obtaining study visa (X visa), go to CQUT at the time specified in the Notification of Admission.


Tuition & Fees

1.Registration Fee:400RMB

2.Accommodation: Four-bed Dormitory in Student Apartment:


3.Insurance: CQUT international students must buy insurance (Ping’an Life Insurance’s Overall Insurance & Benefit for People Coming to China).



Type of Students



20000 RMB /year/person

   Undergraduate (Liberal Arts)

17000 RMB /year/person

Undergraduate (Science)

17000 RMB /year/person

Language Learner

 Long Term12000 RMB /year/person

Short Term1200 RMB /year/person


Undergraduate Programs

Schools and Majors for Undergraduates



School of Mathematics and Statistics

Information and Computing Science


 Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

School of Economics and Trade

Human Resource Management



International Economy & Trade

Labor and Social Security

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Network Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Information Management and Information System

Software Engineering

Chongqing Institute of Automobile


Mechanic D & M and Its Automation

Vehicle Engineering

Industrial Design

Industrial Engineering

Ground Weapon Mobility Engineering

thermal energy and power engineering

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Social Work

Administrative Management

School of Accounting

Financial Management


School of Electronic Information and Automation


Electronic Information Engineering

Testing and Controlling Technology and Instrument

电气工程及其自动化Electrical Engineering and Automation

School of Business Administration


Tourist Management

Land Resource Management

Business Administration

Logistic Management




School of Material Science and Engineering

Material Molding & Controlling Engineering

Material Science & Engineering

Polymer Materials and Engineering

School of Pharmacy and Bio-engineering


Pharmaceutical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

School of Foreign Languages


School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

 Chemical Engineering and Technology

 Process Equipment and Control Engineering

School of Optical and Electronic Information

Applied Physics

Electronic Information Science and Technology

School of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


Postgraduate Programs

Majors for Graduates

Applied Mathematics

Labor Economy

Computer Applied Technology

Mechanic Manufacturing and Automation

Mechanic & Electronic Engineering

Mechanic Design & Theory

Vehicle Engineering

Chinese Study on Marxism


Testing and Metering Technology & Instrument

Signal and Information Processing

Enterprise Administration

Material Science

Material Processing Engineering

Biological and Medical Engineering

Microorganism & Biochemical Pharmacy


PhD Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

Chinese Programs



Chinese Language Training Program

(一)Conditions for the applicants:

Anyone that healthy and 18 to 60 years of age can apply.

(二)Contents of study:

Chinese, Chinese Culture, Chinese Arts, Chinese Sports, Chinese Folk Customs and Practices,Tour of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River and the Mini Three Gorges on Daninghe River.

(三)Time for Starting Classes:

Early Feb. and Early Sept. every year

(四)Deadline for Application:

Language LearnersLong termSeptember February

(五)Teaching arrangement:

1.Teaching of Chinese Language: To enhance the ability of Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, the following courses are offered:

Required courses including speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, etc.

Elective courses including listening of Chinese news, audiovisual and speaking Chinese, movie appreciation, Chinese newspaper and periodical reading, business Chinese, translation, Chinese history and geography, Chinese culture, outline of Chinese society, Chinese culture, art appreciation, etc.

2.Setup of Chinese classes

Three kinds of classes are set up: Beginners’ Chinese classes, intermediate Chinese classes and advanced Chinese classes. After enrolment, students take HSK (Test of Chinese Proficiency).

3.After enrolment, the students will have overseas student cards of Chongqing University of Technology. After the finish of their study, they will be awarded with study certificates and school report cards by Chongqing University of Technology.





English-taught Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

Non-degree Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.