As the oldest art academy of higher learning in China, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has a history of over 70 years. It is located in the mountainous city of Chongqing, and it is the only art institute in the southwestern China. It has 12 teaching departments including the Painting, Block Printing, Sculpture, Art Design, Art History, etc
Our mission, to advance new ideas and promote enduring knowledge, has kept the university young. We strive to create an academic environment in which outstanding students and scholars from around the world are continually challenged and inspired to do their best possible work.
The president, Professor Luo Zhongli, is a world famous oil painting artist. Numerous high quality art words have been created by the teachers in SCFAI, such as the famous group statues, the "Rent Collecting Courtyard"; and the oil painting entitled, "my father", etc. The institute enjoys great prestige domestically and internationally, and hence is known as the artistic pearl in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. 


Undergraduates (BA)

   Admission Requirements

1. Obtain high school diploma or with an education equivalent to Chinese senior high school;

2. Has basic knowledge of arts;

3. Above the age of 18

4. HSK-4 or equivalent level to HSK-4;

5. Healthy


Postgraduates (MA)

   Admission Requirements

1. Obtain bachelor degree or with an education equivalent to Chinese college education;

2. Has basic knowledge of arts;

3. Above the age of 18

4. HSK-4 or equivalent level to HSK-4;

5. Healthy


Non-degree training students

1. Interested in arts

2. Above the age of 18

3. Healthy




1) Application fee: RMB 800 yuan (non-refundable)

2) Tuition fee: a. Undergraduate: RMB 20000 yuan/year

 b. Postgraduate: RMB 25000 yuan/year

3) Insurance: RMB 600 yuan/year

4) Accommodation: RMB 900-1000 yuan/month



Undergraduate Programs



Sculpture: 5 years


   Chinese painting: 4 years

   Oil painting: 4 years


Block printmaking: 4 years

Art Design:

   Decoration design: 4 years

   Environment design: 4 years

   Fashion design: 4 years

   Visual communication: 4 years

   Computer design: 4 years

   Image design: 4 years

   Ceramics: 4 years

   Industry Design: 4 years


   Architecture design: 5 years

Art Design Theory

   Plan and management of design: 4 years

Comprehensive Arts Department

    Art History and Theory: 4 years

Plan and management of visual arts: 4 years

Fine arts education: 4 years

Animation Department

Cartoon: 4 years

Art Design for operas, TV programmes and movies: 4 years


New media

New media: 4 years

Photograph: 4 years



Postgraduate Programs

Programs (3 years)

Fine arts

   Chinese fine arts: Chinese figure painting

   Chinese Landscape painting

   Chinese comprehensive painting

   Language and expression of Chinese painting

   Chinese Flower-and-bird painting

   Chinese ink painting

Arts of oil painting:

   Language and expression of oil painting

   Contemporary comprehensive visual art

   Comprehensive art of oil painting

   Color art of painting

   Oil painting of new realism

Block printmaking:

   Copperplate painting

   Contemporary Block printmaking language

   Block printmaking& modern graphic painting language

   Sketch and modern modeling language

   Silkscreen printing

   Block printmaking& modern printing technology


     Art of sculpture

     City scenery sculpture

Watercolor: Watercolor silks

Fine arts education:

   Indoor& outdoor space expanding

   Comprehensive painting

   Calligraphy practice and criticize

   Oil painting and teaching

Art theory:

   Visual art theory and criticism

   Modern art criticism and plan

   Modern Chinese art and art criticism

   Art criticism and plan

   Visual art

   Asian art

  Chinaancient fine arts and arts appreciating

Art Design:





   Industry design

   History of design

   Image and multiple media



Animation Department:

   Fine arts of movie & TV

   Movie & TV cartoon

New Media:

  New Media




PhD Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

Chinese Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

English-taught Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

Non-degree Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.


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