Founded in 1951,Chongqing Jiaotong University has developed into a multi-disciplinary university,owns a complete Bachelor-Master-Doctor cultivation system,covering engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts, law, and other subject areas. The university has a total of 38,414 students, including 24,456 full-time students. After over 60 years of unremitting efforts,currently, Chongqing Jiaotong University has a number of prestigious specialties in civil engineering including Highway Engineering, Bridge and Structure Engineering, Harbor and Waterway Transportation, together with other non-engineering specialties such as Management, Science, Economics and Arts, etc,and has made outstanding contributions in the high-level personnel training and technological innovation in the field of transportation for national and local economic and social development

From 2004,ChongqingJiaotongUniversitybegan to enroll international students. Until now we have around 200 international students who come from more than 10 countries including US,Japan,BeninandKazakhstan, etc. In addition,ChongqingJiaotongUniversityhas set up the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Net-test sites.

According to students’ Chinese language proficiency at the time of admission,the University sets beginner, intermediate and advanced classes ,offers the Chinese language and culture training courses for all students,including Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese listening and speaking, Chinese characters writing, Chinese Through Films and TV, Chinese traditional culture and social life course. To improve their Chinese proficiency, our University also set up "Chinese training center", "foreign student activity center", "Chinese corner", and Foreign Students’Union. In addition, various cultural-exchange activities and sightseeing trips inChongqingproper and adjacent areas have been organized for the students.

Independent on-campus dormitories are available to all international students in Nan’an Campus and Shuangfu Campus. The dorms feature considerate dorm management, fully equipped facilities, equipped with the special kitchen and cooking utensils, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, network and other facilities, and a safe and convenient environment. Dorm administrators and instructors are responsible for the student life, learning and daily management and service. The student apartment can basically meet 500 students at the same time. Life on campus is convenient for international students. Near the campus, traffic, catering, accommodation, supermarkets and other life supporting facilities, can fully meet the needs of daily life.

In 2013 and 2012,Benin's student ABATTI GIRESSE CONCORDE and Vietnamese student HOANG KIEU NGAN won the championship and third place in the sixth and the fifth "ChineseBridge" Chinese Competition for International Students inChinaorganized by Hanban and CCTV jointly.ChongqingJiaotongUniversityis the only University which gets the final three positions in two consecutive terms. Their outstanding performance of achievements is a comprehensive reflection and the best proof of international student education of our University


I. Admission Requirements

1. Be healthy

2. With Middle School Certificate of Graduation and excellent academic record

3. Love China; be willing to abide by laws and regulations of P. R. China.


II. Programs & Qualifications




Language in Class

Long/Short Term Internship




Undergraduate Students

Under 30 years old, good scores in high school, passed HSK 4

4-5 years

Chinese (except in Civil Engineering, International Economy & Trade )

Graduate Candidates

Under 45 years old, with a Bachelor’s Degree before the coming September or having worked for 2 years after graduation from a 2/3-year program, excellent academic performance

2.5-3 years


Doctoral Candidates

Under 45 years old, with a Master’s Degree before the coming September or having worked for 6 years after winning a Bachelor’s Degree, excellent in academic performance

3-5 years


Chinese Language Learner





III. Application Requirements

  1. Those who wish to study at CJTU may ask the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges for the information related via email. The applicant should inform CJTU of his/her education background and Chinese language level. The following materials are required:

A. Form For Foreigners Wishing to ag软件 Jiaotong  University / Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study Chinese Language in Chongqing Jiaotong University

B. Two References (for Master course, Doctorial Course and scholarship Application)

C. A certified copy of Degree and Transcript

D. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (Note: The Record should be issued by a public hospital with a picture and official stamp. The scanned copies of the result should be emailed with the other application materials, and the original “Physical Examination Record for Foreigners”, the original “AIDS and Syphilis Blood Laboratory Test Report”, and the original “X-ray Test for Tuberculosis” should be submitted while enrolling.)

E. A copy of Passport

F. Curriculum Vitae

G. Certificate of HSK Band 4

H. Notarial Certificate of Non-criminal Punishment

2. The applicants who have met the admission requirements will receive an “Admission Notice” issued by CQJTU and a “Visa Application Form” (JW202) issued by the Education Ministry of P. R. China. The applicant can apply for Visa (L) with the above documents, Medical Report and original Blood Test Report to the nearest Chinese Embassy. Admitted students must register at the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges within the Deadline for Registration on JW202, with the above-mentioned documents and 8 passport-sized photos. 


IV. Application Deadline

1. all the year

2. Semester

   Fall: late August to mid January

   Spring: late February to mid July


Fee Structure

1. Tuition





30,000 RMB/ school year


20,000 RMB/ school year


15,000 RMB/ school year

Chinese Language Learning

12,000 RMB/ school year

Long/short Term Internship

600 RMB /week, 6,000 RMB /semester, 12,000 RMB/ school year






2. Lodging(excluding water, power, gas and Internet)






including Bathroom, Internet-access, Desk, Chair, Drawer, Bed, etc.



including Bathroom, Internet-access, Desk, Chair, Drawer, Bed, etc.

Note: TV, Refrigerator and Washing Machine should be rent by the price of 50RMB/set/month.


3. Other fees

Registration: 300RMB/person (about $45 dollar)

Scholarship Assessment Fee: 130RMB/person (about $20 dollar)

Physical Examination: 429RMB

Medical Insurance: 600RMB/year

Residence Permit: 400RMB/year

Book Fee: Pay while buying books

Living Expense: 7,200 RMB/year (for reference)

Undergraduate Programs


                  Program Name
Civil Engineering(Road Engineering)
Civil Engineering(Bridge Engineering)
Civil Engineering(Constructional Engineering)
Civil Engineering(Detection & Maintain Method)
Materials Science and Engineering 
Engineering Geology Survey 
Engineering Mechanics 
Materials Physics
Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
Architecture & Construction Science
Tunnel & Underground Engineering)
Civil Engineering(Metro & Track Engineering)
Safety Engineering
Civil Engineering
Harbor,Channel& Seacoast Engineering* 
 Hydro-electrical Engineering
Human geography and urban planning 
Environment Science 
Geological Engineering
Geological Information Science
Water Supply & Swerage Engineering
Harbor,Channel& Seacoast Engineering* 
Business Administration
Logistics Administration
Information Management&Information Systerm
Engineering Management
Construction Cost
Communication & Transportation
Communication Management
Automobile Service Engineering
communication & Transportation
Communication Engineering
Traffic Equipment & Control Engineering
Marine Engineering(Marine Management)
Marine Engineering(Marine Power Plant Design and Manufacturing)
Vessel & Sea Engineering
Marine Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering&Automation
Mechanical&Electrical Engineering
Thermal&Power Engineering
Mechanical Design,Fabrication & Automation
Mechanical Engineering
Transportation Construction&Equipment
Vehicle Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design,Fabrication&Automation
Material Shaping and Control Engineering
English(Civil Engineering)
English(Vessel&Sea Engineering)
English(Electronic and Mechanical Business)
Computer Science&Technology
Computer Science&Technology
Electronic Information Engineering
Communication Engineering
Internet of Things Web of Things
International Economy & Trade
Intellectual Property
Information & Computer Sciences
Mathematics & Applied Mathematics
Applied Chemistry
Radio and TV Joumalism
Tourism Administration
Product Design
Environment Design
Visual Communication Design
International Chinese Language Education
Landscape Architecture
Applied Statistics

Postgraduate Programs

              Program Name

Materials Physics & Chemistry
Materials Science
Structural Engineering
Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
Bridge & Tunnel Enginering
Mapping Science and Technology
Aoad & Railway Engineering
Materials Engineering
Construction & Civil Engineering
 Hydro-electrical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Hydrology & Water Resource
 Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Hydro-electrical Engineering 
Port,Coast and Offsgore Engineering
Water Conservancy Project
Systems Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Logisticis Engineering
Management Science and Engineering
Traffic Information Engineering & Control 
Communication & Transportation Planning and Management
Vehicle Operation Engineering
Communication & Transportation
Mechanical Engineering
Materials Process Engineering
Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Computer Science&Technology
Software Engineering
Communication&Transportation Economy
Travel Administration

PhD Programs

                   Program Name

Communication & Transportation
Management Science and Engineering

Chinese Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

English-taught Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.

Non-degree Programs

Relevant information has not been provided.


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