2014 China (Chongqing)--ROK Friendship Week held at Chongqing University


On June 6th, 2014, the China (Chongqing)-ROK Friendship Week was officially kicked off at Chongqing University. This event was jointly initiated by Chongqing Municipal Government and Embassy of the RepublicofKoreainChina. Chongqing University undertook three parts of the event, namely, the speech by Ambassador of the ROK to China, the ¡°Small Korean Village¡± and an evening performance.

H.E. Mr. Kwon Youngse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Embassy of the Republic of Korea, made his speech in the Minzhu Lake Lecture Hall. Before that, he met with CQU President Zhou Xuhong who briefed Mr. Ambassador of the history and status quo of the university and the exchanges and collaborations betweenChongqingUniversityand its counterparts inSouth Korea. In the meeting, President Zhou said that the sustained development of China-South Korea relationship has greatly boosted mutual exchange and cooperation in the field of higher education; he also expressed his hope that Mr. Ambassador would continuously supportChongqingUniversityin the efforts to upgrade educational and cultural exchanges betweenChinaandSouth Korea.

CQU President Zhou Xuhong meeting with H.E. Mr. Kwon Youngse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Embassy of the Republic of Korea

H.E. Mr. Kwon Youngse gave praise for the academic accomplishments made byChongqingUniversity, and also mentioned thatChongqingonce was the place where the provisional government of theRepublicofKorearesided and this special relationship has broughtChongqingandSouth Koreacloser to each other. Currently, cooperation and communication in economy, trade and education are thriving between the two sides. Embassy of the ROK inChinawill play a more enthusiastic role in these affairs and make greater contribution to enhancing the relationship betweenChongqingandSouth Korea. 

CQU Vice President Huang Zongming hosted the speech made by H.E. Mr. Kwon Youngse. In the welcome speech, CQU President Zhou Xuhong said that China and South Korea are close neighbors and have a lot in common; the two countries are economically inter-complemented and culturally integrated with each other; the ¡°Korean Style¡± and the ¡°Chinese Glamour¡± are popular in both countries and exchanges between universities are frequent and continuous.ChongqingUniversityalways attaches great importance to collaboration with higher learning institutes inSouth Koreaand has by far signed cooperation agreements with seven Korean universities, includingBusanNationalUniversity,KonkukUniversity,ChungnameNationalUniversity, etc, covering students exchange and joint teaching programs. Currently there are many students fromSouth Koreastudying inChongqingUniversity. In his speech, President Zhou Xuhong also announced that the 6th China-South Korea University Presidents¡¯ Forum will be held in Chongqing University this year which is a great opportunity to fully exploit the huge potential of exchange and cooperation between Chinese and South Korean universities and consolidate resources to promote the fusion of diversity and regional advantages of higher education centering on the new model of China-South Korea relationship, so as to further deepen higher education exchange and cooperation between the two countries and offer more opportunities for students from both sides.

CQU Vice President Huang Zongming hosting Mr. Ambassador¡¯s speech

CQU President Zhou Xuhong making the welcome speech

Afterwards, Mr. Ambassador made a speech on the 22 years of China-South Korea relationship and the role of the younger generation in future development. He recalled the cooperation made by both countries in the fields of politics, economy, culture and personnel exchange in the past 22 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries, envisioned the future of China-South Korea friendship and also talked about some factors hindering mutual cooperation and development. When mentioning the role of the younger generation in future development, Mr. Ambassador pointed out that all the young people present today are new forces safeguarding the future of China-South Korea relationship to remain sustainable and stable which is reliant on efforts of the younger generation.

H.E. Mr. Kwon Youngse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Embassy of the Republic of Koreamaking speech

After the speech, all present students took part in aSouth Koreaknowledge right-or-wrong game and winners were rewarded with gifts prepared by Embassy of the ROK inChina. Sachoom, a famous public performance troupe inSouth Korea, led students learning Korean pop dance which brought a touch of liveliness to the scene. And the final prize draw ignited the field atmosphere and made everybody happy.  

Earlier than the speech, the ¡°SmallKoreaVillage¡± event outside the Minzhu Lake Lecture Hall also made a small sensation on the campus: students lined up before stands to experience Korean delicacies and cosmetics, many teachers were also attracted to come.

 ¡°SmallKoreaVillage¡± event

At night,KoreanCulturalCenterpresented a splendid performance featuring Sachoom¡¯s singing and dance, performance by South Korea National Taekwondo Demonstration Troupe, and free style mummeries to CQU students and teachers. The whole show was finely designed and presented and stirred enormous cheer from the audience.

      South Korea National Taekwondo Demonstration Troupe performing on stage