Course Description of Advanced Chinese Speaking

Updated: 2014-12-30


1.       Course Name: Advanced Chinese Speaking

2.       Course Type: Training course of Chinese speaking skills

3. Class Hours and Credits: 64 class hours; 4 credits

4. Teaching Objects:

This course is appropriate for students who have mastered a vocabulary of roughly 3500 Chinese words and possessed above-intermediate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

5. Teaching Objectives:

Students will learn to improve the fluency and ease of their oral Chinese expression; accurately organize and describe abstract concepts; and use a range of advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures to communicate in any situation in a Chinese language environment.  

6. Course Features and Expectations:

Students will practice speaking on a wide variety of advanced topics, including culture, the environment, science and technology, law, economics, politics, literature, and international relations. They will engage in mock discussions, interviews, speeches, and debates. They will be able to express themselves with appropriate cultural awareness of Chinese values such as tact and modesty. Students are expected to complete a rigorous body of speaking assignments outside the classroom.

7. Course Materials:

Wang Shuhong, 2012. Developing Chinese--Advanced Speaking Course I (2nd edition), Beijing Language and Culture University Press;

Li LuxingWang Rui, 2012. Developing Chinese--Advanced Speaking Course(2nd edition), Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

8.Examination Mode

AssignmentPresentationMid-term and Final exams