Course Description of Advanced Comprehensive Chinese

Updated: 2014-12-30


1.       Course Name: Advanced Comprehensive Chinese

2.       Course Type: Training course of comprehensive Chinese skills

3.       Class Hours and Credits: 96 class hours; 6credits

4.       Teaching Objects:

This course is appropriate for students who have mastered a vocabulary of roughly 3500 Chinese words and possess above-intermediate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

5.       Teaching Objectives:

Students will expand their comprehensive language skills and vocabulary through further study of the Chinese language as well as Chinese culture, with an emphasis on fluent reading and oral expression; active and proficient usage of advanced vocabulary and expressions; understanding academic Chinese language and rhetoric; and appreciating the deep beauty and vivid power of the Chinese language and culture.     

6.       Course Features and Expectations:

Students will study a variety of articles from advanced subjects and genres, with an emphasis on further exploring the nuances of Chinese culture. At the end of this course students will have mastered a vocabulary of roughly 4500 commonly used words and their associated grammatical structures; be able to clearly understand the nuances between different words and expressions; be able to infer implied or metaphorical meaning in academic texts; and further strengthen their comprehensive skills. Students are expected to complete a rigorous body of work both inside and outside the classroom. 

7.       Course Materials:

Qing Yuzhen,2007. Developing ChineseAdvanced Comprehensive Course I(2nd edition), Beijing Language and Culture University Press;

Huang,Borong, 2002. Xiandai Hanyu (Modern Chinese), levels 1&2, Higher Education Press.

Gao Zengxia,You Shu,2012. Developing Chinese-Advanced Comprehensive Course(2nd edition),Beijing Language and Culture University Press;

8.       Examination Mode

Course assignmentsUnit testsMid-term and Final exams