Course Description of Intermediate Chinese Writing

Updated: 2014-12-30


1.       Course Name: Intermediate B Chinese Writing

2.       Course Type: Training course of Chinese writing skills

3.       Class Hours and Credits: 32class hours; 2 credits

4.       Teaching Objects:

This course is appropriate for students who have mastered a vocabulary of roughly 2000-2500 Chinese words and possessed above-elementary listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

5.       Teaching Objectives:

Students will learn to apply their knowledge of Chinese vocabulary and grammar to develop strategies for producing fluent written expression.   

6.       Course Features and Expectations:

This course emphasizes the study of a variety of texts in different genres and styles, including practical writing, narration, exposition, argumentation, and other common styles. Students will learn methods and strategies for producing clear narrative, expository, and argumentative writing. Students are expected to complete a number of written assignments outside the classroom in order to reinforce learning.   

7.       Course Materials:

Cai, Yongqiang, 2012. Developing Chinese—Intermediate Writing Course levels 1&2(2nd edition), Beijing Language and Culture University Press;

8.       Examination Mode

Course assignmentsUnit testsMid-term and Final exams