Course Description of Intermediate Chinese Reading

Updated: 2014-12-30


1.       Course Name: Intermediate Chinese Reading

2.       Course Type: Training course of Chinese reading skills

3.       Class Hours and Credits: 64 class hours; 4 credits

4.       Teaching Objects:

This course is appropriate for students who have mastered a vocabulary of roughly 2000-2500 Chinese words and possessed above-elementary listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

5.       Teaching Objectives:

Students will learn reading skills and techniques to improve their reading speed and accuracy of reading comprehension and develop their ability to guess the meaning of words from context. They will be able to read descriptive and narrative essays, popular news and sciences articles, as well as understand practical writing, including letters and contracts.    

6.       Course Features and Expectations:

Students will study a variety of articles and essays in every subject, genre, and style. Topics include daily life, culture, history, economics, politics, and popular science.

7.       Course Materials:

①           Xu,Chengwei,2011.Fazhan Hanyu—Zhongji Hanyu Yuedu (Chinese Progress—Intermediate Chinese Reading), levels 1&2, Beijing Language and Culture University Press;

The Open University of China, 2011. Success with New HSK(level 5), Beijing Language and Culture University Press;

Chongqing Business Newspaper

8.       Examination Mode

Course assignmentsUnit testsMid-term and Final exams